Saturday, January 28, 2012

Puppy Love

What a little sweetie! I saw this little pup and had to use him on a card. "Fido" here (not his real name but I am going to call him that for now...haha) is a stamp called Spotty Pups Valentine Heart and can be found at none other than our very own...Stamping Dragon Designs! YEAH!! Yes, folks SDD has more than just dragons...regardless of what the name may be. They have lots and lots of stamps that are lots of things other than dragons...go check it out! We love our friends the dragons but there are things in "Fido"... that are nice also. And today "Fido" (Spotty Pup)is making his debut on my blog so you all can see just what I mean. I will eventually be using more of SDD's stamps that are not dragons but Penny, Jiggy and Rupert are so cute that it might be a while. I guess if you are looking for something other than my dragon friends (and you are in a rush) you may have to go to Stamping Dragon Designs and look for yourself...haha. It's can look...don't be shy... just head right on over there and take give the place a once-over (or twice-over...haha). You never know what you might find and fall in love with. It is close to Valentine's Day and we all need someone (or something) to love, right. And would cute, sweet, adorable stamps be a good thing? I most certainly think so! 
Just a note: for those of you new to the blogging game if you place your cursor on the highlighted words above and click they will take you to what the words say. ie: Stamping Dragon Designs above will take you to the storefront. Kinda cool, huh? So you can go check it out very effortlessly! You don't to try and figure it out on your own. It is already linked up for you! Sweet!
So now on to the rest of the card...whew! The papers are digital and are from the store. They are from the Pretty in Pink Cardmaking Pack. I am loving these cardmaking packs! They are so versatile and come with a great selection of papers and elements too. I actually used three of the papers for my card. I loved not having to waste time trying to find three papers that go together! Woohoo! 
Ok...that's it for this time. WOW...guess I was feeling wordy today...haha. Thanks for hangin' with me (in my wordiness) and for stopping by. Until next time take care.

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