Friday, January 13, 2012

Jiggy Likes To Read

 Jiggy has a new book just for you! He loves to read and wanted to share his love and his thoughts on the subject with you (he is just kind of sweet that way). The stamp I used is called Jiggy's Book...he knows a good pastime when he sees it!  haha!
 This was a fun card to make with the inside looking like an open book. This said open book is and element in the Southern Comfort Page Kit. The outside of my card (book) is a paper from this same kit. I loved the warm feeling the colors in this set gave me and when I saw the book and knowing how Jiggy felt about reading I had to do this card!  
 An additional item I used from Stamping Dragon Designs  is the Definitions Pack-Happy Themed (fun little kit with laugh, smile and fun as the words used). I used the page of fun definitions to make the "book" more realistic (blank pages are ok but more it's more fun with words...hehe). I know horrible right...oh well. 
 The sentiment is from Ginger's House...she has a ton of sentiments...the girl does one a day if you can imagine!
 The sentiment of the front I created myself in PS...I couldn't find what I wanted anywhere. I then tore it, distressed it and glued it...super easy. I colored Jiggy with copics, trimmed and glued...not as easy...hehe. I like my "book"...I hope you so too.
 A final note: If you like the book idea but are maybe not big on the colors well there is another kit in the store that has a book in it called The Age Of Innocence. It might suit you better.
 Anyway I had fun this week making Jiggy happy reading. Thanks for stopping by and until next time take care.


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